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Sexy D’s ‘Comedy Gold’

Big news from Casa de Sexy Detective – we’re finalists in the Comedy Channel’s ‘Comedy Gold’ competition!  “But Dave, what does this mean?” you inquire, and rightly so – it means that we’ve a one in twelve shot at getting $25,000 to put towards the development of a potential half hour, thirteen episode show!  So that’s good, innit?

As of today, you can trip on over the Comedy Channel website and vote on the twelve contender’s video submissions.  The five most popular will then get the chance to pitch their show idea to Comedy Channel execs in November.  So that means we need the help of nice people like yourself!  If you are so inclined, pop over to the site (see link below), watch our Sexy D trailer, and vote for us to go through to the next stage – not only is this a morally enriching thing to do, but by voting you also get the chance to win prizes! 

And don’t forget, you can cast one vote each day, so if you want to make return visits we won’t stop you.  That would just be stupid.

So – please vote us some.  It’s fun, I swear.  And we’ll love you forever and a day.

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