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Happy New Year, Sexy D

So it’s a brand new year, which is lovely unto itself, and it’s made nicer by the kind people at YouTubes featuring not one, but TWO Sexy Detective sketches!

First up, our ‘Democracy’ instructional video is featured on the Australian YouTube homepage.  The comments section seems to have exploded into an in-depth and semi-intelligent discussion about the state of democracy in Europe – which is missing the point of the sketch somewhat, but still…


We’d be happy if it was just the one sketch was highlighted, but no!  ‘Personal Questions’ is featured under the Comedy section of the worldwide YouTube site.  The “new Doctor Who” jokes seem a bit out of date as of the last couple of days…


In summary: thank you, lovely YouTube editors.

January 6th, 2009 at 11:35 am

Awesome work Detectives!
Nice to see you’re finally getting some decent exposure! The number of hits on some of your videos is great.

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