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It’s been a tad quiet here the past couple of weeks.  If this has offended, sorry.  If it has not offended, sorry.

As part of our “upload a sketch once a fortnight” plan we would have ordinarily posted one last week – the more observant of you may notice that we did not, and I can tell you that is because we are currently putting together a brand new, never-seen-before sketch which has laughs and jokes and other such things in it.  It’s topical as well.  A bit.  So that one shall hopefully be up next week, after which we’ll return to our usual bi-weekly sketchiness.

Although we’ve been outwardly quiet, I can assure you that behind closed doors we are beavering away at a number of projects.  Hopefully we’ll have an announcement on one or more of them soon.  To keep you sated in the interim – and proof that we haven’t been sitting on our hands for the past three or four months – I hereby present an out-of-context line from a recently written sketch:

“That looks nice.  Now, does a kitten come with the bra?”

Not enough?  Here’ s a line from a different sketch:

“Bicep equals eggs.  Thanks Dan.”

Consider yourself sated.

March 17th, 2009 at 10:28 am

Please do something new Mr Detectives.

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