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Prognosis: Dutch Filmmakers!

Are you in BRISBANE?

Are you interested in LAUGHING?

Do you trust us to MAKE STUFF UP ON THE SPOT?

If you’re nodding your head, check this shit out, Internets:


If you missed the Sexy Detective lads’ appearance in Prognosis: Death! earlier this year, you’ll be pleased as a fist in the face to hear that it’s back! Prognosis: Death – Relapse is an improvised horror/soapie/supernatural/sci-fi comedy. In a hospital. It’s worked before.

Every show is different, so come along to one, two, or six shows and be entertained in different and unusual ways each time.

Where: The Brisbane Arts Theatre, 210 Petrie Terrace

When: 8pm Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays between July 2nd to 11th.

How much: $15 adults, $10 younger peeps – or pay the cost of three shows ($45/$30) to get yourself a season pass! Bookings on (07) 3369 2344

Why: We’re in it, fools!

But wait – there’s more. It’s sketch o’clock!


One of our very first sketches, that, but a good one.

I’m searching for a third thing to tell you all, but I’m coming up spare. More sketches and more info coming soon!

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