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The Sexy Detective presents ‘Stray Cats and Show Rats’

Official and proper news from Sexy D HQ forthcoming…

With filming of new sketches about to commence, time seems right to announce the theme and title of the Sexy Detective’s next show.

Coming in 2010 to a stage near you (well, if “near you” means “somewhere in Brisbane, Australia”) is Sexy D’s seventh full length sketch comedy revue,  entitled The Sexy Detective presents ‘Stray Cats and Show Rats’. With brand new performers joining old – and returning – faves, ‘Stray Cats and Show Rats’ is the Sexy Detective’s look at the animal kingdom and it will boast all the raunchy sex kittens, sheer horsepower and unpleasant monkey bites you’d expect.

There’s also vampires, off colour stand up, nerds having sex  and timely references to Sliders.

Check in during the lead up to the show for more information, show dates, pics and a sure to be infrequent production blog.

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