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The Horror… The Horror…

Impromafia, Sexy D’s favourite improv company (and not just favourite because five of our six members are in it… oh no siree), is launching the fourth season of its flagship show Prognosis: Death! tonight. It’s General Hospital meets the X-Files – now with a little MASH mixed in for good luck.

War has reached the denizens of St Love Hospital in Prognosis: Death! Delirium. Expect all the usual wall-to-wall gore, blood, guts and romantic tension in this long form improvised comedy.

Even better, expect to see not one, two or even three Sexy Detective members on stage – there’s four of the buggers. Come on the right night, and the other two might even be in the audience.

All that, plus it’s bloody entertaining. Pun unintended, but permitted.

8pm Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays
May 5 to 14
Brisbane Arts Theatre
210 Petrie Terrace
Tickets $15 adult / $10 concession
Season pass: see ALL SIX shows for just $50 adult / $35 concession
Book online

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