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Sexy D Ahoy!

Four members of the Sexy D troupe are hitting the Brisbane stage this week, but in sketchless (and scriptless) form. Catch Amy, Mike, Dave and Luke in Agatha Holmes Ahoy! this Thursday August 4.

Agatha Holmes is the drug-addled detective honour-bound to protect the British Isles from murder most foul. Following on from a warmly received 2010 outing, Impromafia’s favourite detective returns aboard a 1920s luxury cruise liner for a six show season of new crimes.¬†Every show is completely unique, as each audience member nominates a murder weapon, a tell-tale clue and their choice of killer via secret ballot.

If you’ve ever wanted to see Luke “Big Sexy” Allan die (haven’t we all?) here’s your chance! Pop in on night one, Thursday the 4th, and bay for his blood. You can even nominate a gruesome method for his ending. But if the thought of Luke “Big Sexy” Allan carking it saddens you to your very core, skip night one and make the next five shows from August 5 to 13, Thursday to Saturday. We shall never speak of him again.

Running 8pm Thursday to Saturday, August 4 – 13
Brisbane Arts Theatre, 210 Petrie Terrace
Tickets $17 / $12
SEASON PASS! See six shows for $50 / $35!
Bookings on 3369 2344 or

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