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Critical Hit

Want a dose of Sexy? How’s about some Big Sexy?

We like short shorts. That’s Sexy D’s Luke “Big Sexy” Allan gracing the poster for ImproMafia’s new off-the-cuff season of improvised comedy, Critical Hit. It’s entering its second week of performance – which means you’ve got tonight, tomorrow and Saturday night to catch this fantasy-themed show.

Following in the steps of ImproMafia‚Äôs smash hit seasons Prognosis: Death! and Agatha Holmes, Critical Hit is a Game of Thrones and D&D-inspired show where the audience makes the rules. It’s packed full of swords and sorcery, monsters and mages and dungeons and dorks.

Now, admittedly this poster is a tad misleading; Luke “Big Sexy” Allan isn’t really in the show. But if you head along tonight you’ll see the Detectives’ own Mike “Skillz” Griffin, and during Saturday’s performance you’ll get a gander at Dave “Me” Massingham.

It’s a party.

Brisbane Arts Theatre
210 Petrie Terrace
8pm Thurs, Fri and Sat this week
Tickets: $17 / $12
See all three shows for less with a season pass: $50 / $35
Book online NOW at or on 3369 2344

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