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Last year, ’round abouts this time, we were greatly excited by a most humbling piece of exciting and humbling news: some of our sketches were nominated for Best Skit at Rottofest 2011.

A little while later we were even more excited, humbly, by the excitement of winning one of said humbling nominations for the sketch Dinner Party.

Jump cut to: a windswept day in August, 2012. The finger of fate once again points upon The Sexy Detectives and says “Here, ‘ave a nom”. And we shall.

The lovely Rottofest people have nominated three of our sketches for this year’s Rottofest’s Funniest Shorts competition. Thanks a bunch to the lovely, unbribed judges who arrived at this decision. Here’s one of the three skits, Christmas Eve, for your viewing pleasurables.


The other two? We’re keeping them close to our chest at present. For they are shiny, never-before-seen – outside of the Rottofest judging committee, that is – sketches that will make their debuts in a brand new¬†upcoming Sexy Detectives season, hitting Brisbane stages this November.

There’s more info to come on the new season very, very soon, but suffice to say, don’t go anywhere mid-November. Unless you ain’t from Brisbane, in which case, go here. Here is where it shall be at.

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