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Births, Deaths and Marriages

Here it is – The Sexy Detectives’ biggest 2012 money earner to date. Winner of People’s Choice Funniest Sketch at Rottofest’s Funniest Shorts 2012, it’s our new sketch Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Last year, 32-odd seconds earned us Funniest Sketch at Rottofest. This year all it took for a major prize was 21. Our par is improving. Check it out, pass it around to friends and see it as part of our new November show, Death Becomes The Sexy Detectives.


Speaking of Death Becomes The Sexy Detectives, it is now on sale! The show kicks off at the Judith Wright Centre on November 16th, so get your tickets now, yo. We’ll have more show details next week, along with a look at the ace new poster.

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