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The Sexy Detectives Present… Our New Podcast!

The Sexy Detectives’ new podcast is go!

Introducing The Sexy Detectives Present: delivering new bite-sized sketch comedy concoctions every week. The first cab off the ranks is Audio Will, the last will and testament of Wallace Brewer. Mix and outro music by Ben Miles.

Find us now on iTunes and subscribe to our feeds via the links at the top right. You can also click on the podcasts tab above to listen to all the podcasts as they arrive.

With our new show Death Becomes The Sexy Detectives hitting the Judith Wright Centre stage in just over four weeks (ooh, you should totally buy your tickets here), we thought now is the time to launch the new phase in Sexy comedy. Over the course of The Sexy Detectives Present’s first season, you’ll hear some brand new, never-before-heard material, plus some of our favourite stage sketches – previously only performed live – recorded for the first time.

And of course, if you like The Sexy Detectives Present, don’t forget to rate us on iTunes – and let your peeps know about our new venture!

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