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A Fresh New Sketch

This week on The Sexy Detectives Present, we have a never-before-heard sketch FOTB – Vanilla Cured Salmon. It’s almost a religious experience, provided that you have it fresh, not frozen.

Vanilla Cured Salmon is also one of the last sketches you will hear the dulcet tones of the super-talented Amy Currie’s on – she’s jetted off to sunny (?) Edinburgh. We forced her at gun point to record a couple of extra sketches before she went though, so expect to hear her pop up in the podcast on one or two more occasions. Currie, you will be missed – sorry for all the business with the gun.

Speaking of frozen salmon but not gun violence, we have some leftover news from last week that we stupidly forgot to mention here at Sexy D HQ. One of our film sketches from Death Becomes The Sexy Detectives – Status Update – garnered an Honourable Mention in the Short Film (Under 10 Minutes) category at the LA Comedy Fest! We’re super chuffed, so thanks to all the judges and to anyone who went along to the screening in LA and laughed some.

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