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Sexy D News Squared. Er, Cubed.

It’s busy times here in Sexy Detectives central! With not one or two but three big pieces of news, we’d better hop to it!

First up – congratulations are in order. To us. For the third year running, Sexy D has made the finals of WA’s Rottofest’s Funniest Shorts, this year with Unconventional and Status Update! Now, both last year and the year prior our noms turned into wins, so here’s hoping we can follow the established trend.

Closer to home, The Sexy Detectives will be warming up for our upcoming show with a relaxed and free show tomorrow night at the Brisbane Square Library. That’s right – FREE! It’s on from 5.30pm till 6.30pm on the top floor at the Brisbane Square Library.

Speaking of Sketch Pad, the Brisbane Fringe Comedy Fest show is now only a handful of days away. If you’d fancy a free ticket, our pals at Review Brisbane are giving away a few double passes. Check out the details here and get entering. Of course, if you don’t score a double pass, you should still come along.

Come along.

Please come along.

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