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The Sexy Detectives are back!

Stop crying yourself to sleep at night Brisbane, because we’re back with a brand new invention.


Hyperbole! hits the Anywhere Theatre Festival May 6th, and it’s jammed-packed with stuff you’ve never seen before that will make you laugh. Here’s some things that punters at last year’s Anywhere Festival said about our then show, The Sexy Detectives’ Sexy Directive:

“Easily one of the highlights of the Anywhere Festival.”
“Filled with funny.”
“Fast, loose, and well-crafted.”
“Get that out of my face!”

So get on it, son/daughter! Hyperbole! is irrefutably the best hour of comedy you’re likely to see in your entire life, ever. Book online here now!

The Sexy Detectives – Hyperbole!
Performing 9pm May 6
Tickets $15
MetroArts Studio Theatre at 109 Edward St, Brisbane 4001

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