The Sexy Detectives are Australia’s most humble sketch comedy group.

Also, The Sexy Detectives are Australia’s best sketch comedy group.

Sexy D make sketch comedy happen everywhere they go – and everywhere you go, too. You could be online looking for a little entertainment when BAM! You hit play on a Sexy Detectives video. It might even be one of their two Rottofest Funniest Shorts-winning skits.

Later you may be attending a comedy room when POW! Sexy D start performing live on stage, so close you could touch them, which we wouldn’t recommend. You never know: they might be performing material that got them an Artist’s Choice nomination at WA’s Wild West Comedy Festival.

Then, the next day you could be walking your dog, listening to your audio-playing device when WALLOP! On comes their comedy podcast. And there are no mights about it: this would definitely be the same podcast that enjoyed a featured run on the iTunes New and Noteworthy list.

Three senses: sight, touch and sound. That’s what The Sexy Detectives promise you.

Oh, and laughs. We promise laughs too.

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